Unleash the Hero Within: Evercore Heroes Brings a Fresh Twist to RPG Gaming

calimonk May 25, 2023

Evercore Heroes is an exhilarating, strategic RPG game, ready to embark on its closed beta journey on June 20th. Designed by Vela Games, a team of experienced creatives hailing from esteemed companies like Riot, EA, Epic, and Blizzard, this game is set in the enthralling sci-fi universe of Lumerea. This diverse world, once peacefully inhabited by varied cultures, is now in upheaval following an event named "The Shattering." The natural magical equilibrium is broken, spreading chaos throughout Lumerea, calling for courageous heroes to unite and confront this dilemma.

The core of Evercore Heroes is the formation of dynamic squads of heroes, with the goal of asserting dominance in the Lumerean landscape. It offers an exciting RPG spin on the classic PvE format where teams of four compete against each other. Players have the opportunity to customize their characters, power up an artifact known as the "Evercore," and take down formidable bosses to claim victory. Each hero brings their own unique skills and qualities to the table, offering a selection that allows for strategic gameplay in a myriad of environments, from icy woodlands and snowy peaks to dense jungles and mystical gardens.

Closed Beta Access and Exclusive Pre-orders

Gamers can ensure their place in the closed beta and secure exclusive content by pre-ordering at the Evercore Heroes store. Early bird buyers, those purchasing before June 20th, will gain a unique skin for the hero Beko. Additional heroes can also be unlocked depending on the chosen pre-order package. All players will be rewarded with free heroes Beko, Fyn, Shade, and Zari once they log into the game. Initially, the game will be exclusive to PC for the closed beta.

The game introduces a Founder's Battle Pass, featuring unique Evercore-related skins, emotes, hero voice lines, and in-game currencies. This pass, only for Founders, doesn't have an expiration date and can be completed at the player's pace by unlocking content through gameplay. A complimentary Battle Pass will be accessible to all closed beta participants, though this one will have an expiration date.

Exploring Lumerea and its Varied Stages

Each stage in Evercore Heroes represents a unique RPG quest with its own gameplay elements, adversaries, objectives, power-up items, and a singular ultimate challenge. Initially, the closed beta will introduce three stages, with more to be added subsequently. For instance, one stage, the Kru Mines, is located in the mountainous region of Kru, where a menacing beast has seized control of a crucial mining settlement. Another stage involves defending the Evercore in the Battle for Whiskerwood Village while annihilating monster lairs.

Release Platform for EVERCORE Heroes

A prevalent question from prospective players has been, "Will EVERCORE Heroes be available on Steam?" The developers have confirmed that the game will not be launched on Steam. Instead, Evercore Heroes will be distributed via its own lightweight, proprietary launcher, which has proven reliable in past closed alpha tests. The dedicated launcher ensures smooth distribution and game updates while facilitating a tightly-knit community around the game for updates, announcements, and player engagement.

The closed beta for EVERCORE Heroes kicks off on June 20, so pre-order now to guarantee your spot and secure exclusive content. The closed beta will operate mainly in North America and Europe. Players from other regions can participate, but the server locations might affect individual network performance.

For more information, visit the official Evercore Heroes website and game store. The official release date for the free-to-play version of Evercore Heroes is yet to be announced.