Get Ready to Catch ‘Em All: Pokemon Day 2023

Jordyn Reardon February 27, 2023

Pokémon Day is fast approaching, but what is it exactly? Pokémon Day celebrates the anniversary of Pokémon’s first release, the day Pokémon Red and Green came out in 1996. On February 27th every year, Pokémon fans commemorate the anniversary by playing their favorite Pokémon games together, with The Pokémon Company usually revealing some exciting releases, like the Sword and Shield DLC back in 2020. Twitch has done a Pokémon marathon stream in the past, starting with the very first episode of Pokémon the Series, and including select movies. Lots of new in-game content gets announced as well, such as online trading cards or a new Pikachu in a commemorative costume available to catch in Pokémon GO.

Every year there is a theme for Pokémon Day, and 2023’s theme is “Pokémon Together.” The Pokémon Company says this year’s theme is to encourage all trainers to play together and live out the game’s initial concept of connecting with others. This year, a new Pokémon Presents will be airing on the 27th at 9 AM Eastern Time, and is going to be about 20 minutes in length. Fans are predicting that there will be an announcement of expansions and updates to the recently released Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The new games were riddled with some bugs and issues, so there is hope these problems will be resolved, plus some exciting new features added. There have been some potential leaks as well of new Pokémon appearing, such as Paradox forms of Suicune and Virizion. Fans are expecting new Pokémon, content, and a DLC to be revealed at the upcoming Pokémon Presents. The Pokémon Presents will be shown on the official Pokémon YouTube channel.

Along with the expansion of the already released games is the addition of some new Pokémon games. There is a rumor going around that a new entry or remaster of the popular Pokémon Mystery Dungeon franchise is to be announced as well. A Reddit post revealed that a deep dive into the coding behind the “Pokémon Together” marketing campaign shows a copyright statement naming the developer of the Mystery Dungeon series, Spike Chunsoft. This led fans to believe that a new title will be released on Pokémon Day. Fans are also speculating that, with the release of GameBoy and NES games on Nintendo Switch Online, there will be old school Pokémon games introduced on the 27th as well. When Nintendo dropped these vintage games, one popular gaming franchise that was missing was Pokémon. There is hope either Pokémon Yellow, Blue, Red, or Green will be added on Pokémon Day. With the recent release of these gameboy games, Pokémon Day seems to be the perfect time to drop new game releases.

Fans may have high expectations for Pokémon Day this year, but The Pokémon Company has shown to meet these expectations in the past. 2023 marks the 27th year Pokémon has been around, and coincidentally falls on the 27th day. Maybe these numbers will be in Trainers’ favor and bring about some grand releases and updates. Remember to grab a friend and a gaming system, and spend Pokémon Day playing Pokémon games with friends and family, together.