A Demo for NanoApostle is Now Available on Steam

jasonnieva April 26, 2024

PQube announced that a demo for NanoApostle is now available on Steam for free. That means those who are interested can now check out what this dark sci-fi boss rush action game has to offer.

That wasn’t the only thing revealed by PQube. The publisher also announced that an extended gameplay trailer has been released. It gives an in-depth look not only at the combat but also the unique Destruction Point system. You can watch the trailer here.

NanoApostle focuses on Anita, a girl who's a result of experimental procedures. She's been implanted with the sentient nanomechanical entity that's known as "Apostle." Anita now has to work with her nanite allies to defeat various dangerous prototype bio-weapons as she looks for a way to break free from her nightmarish prison.

Destruction Point System

By now, a lot of you are probably wondering what this Destruction Point System is all about. Basically it's what you need if you are defeat the bosses. You see each enemy and Anita is able to exploit these through her nanites. Now what happens is that during combat the boss becomes exposed to a counterattack every now and then. This is represented by a depleting circle that surrounds the boss.

When you attack the enemy during this particular brief window, either with a melee or ranged attack, it triggers the Destruction Point. If done correctly, Anita staggers the enemy and a second prompt to grapple towards the enemy appears. The move deals significant damage while also rendering the boss staggered for a brief moment to allow for follow-up strikes.

Anita can also trigger this Destruction Point is she can successfully parry certain attacks or even deflect blasts back at the boss. The key here is timing and players need to hone these skills especially when they face the bosses.

The Bosses

Speaking of two bosses, there are two in the game who are the Berserker and Commander.

The Berserker wields two giant axes can overwhelm opponents with a flurry of close-range strikes. It then leaps into the air to release a truly devastating ground pound. Now if you think staying away from the boss would mean safety, we'll you'd be wrong. That's because the Berserker also has long-range capabilities like a sweeping laser beam and projectiles.

The Commander meanwhile is a tactical manipulator and can summon swarms of drones which are equipped with different offensive capabilities. When fighting against this boss, one method is to use nanites and control the drones.

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