A New Boss Rises in RuneScape

jasonnieva November 22, 2023

A new update has been released for RuneScape which introduces a new multi-phase boss battle with Vorkath: Battle of Forinthry. This latest update is part of the game's ongoing Necromancy season.

The Battle of Forinthry is not going to be easy which means players need to prepare their forces. The good news is that they're getting assistance from none other than the iconic RuneScape hero, the Raptor. For this quest, players need to defend Fort Forinthry in a multi-phase battle versus the newly arisen Vorkath and his master Zemouregal. With the scaling of the difficulty and rewards, players have the choice to take on the quest solo or with a group. Depending on how they approached the quest, they'll get corresponding rewards.

Vorkath Hunt Event

Aside from the new quest and boss battle, players get the chance to unlock the Vorkath Death Guard and Lantern cosmetics. These can be done through the Vorkath Hunt Event where you need to collect eight shard by completing different tasks.

Here are the 12 tasks needed to complete to get shards:

  • Kill Vorkath & Zemouregal (infinitely repeatable until all shards have been collected).
  • Complete the Dead and Buried quest (given on login if complete before event starts).
  • Have an active Premier Membership and log in (given on login if active as the event starts).
  • Train Gathering skills.
  • Train Artisan skills.
  • Train Combat skills.
  • Train Support skills.
  • Complete steps of the treasure trails.
  • Earning marks of war by defeating repeatable bosses.
  • Buy for 15m coins or 5k Protean items.
  • Complete Wilderness Flash Events.
  • Earning RuneScore.

Potion Pandemonium

Players are invited to be part of the Potion Pandemonium which begins November 23 and runs until November 27. All that needs to be done is to gather potions and the use them to complete collections. Those who do get to earn multipliers and even some witchy-themed prizes from the Witch's Chest. Up for grabs are items like the Hexer outfit, Hexer hair token and Lucille the Bat pet token!

Necromancy is a stand-alone combat skill that was launched back in August as part of a huge expansion which included a new hub area, nine brand new quests and two deadly boss fights. Necromancy is free to players who are at least level 20.

RuneScape is available now on PC via Steam as well as mobile platforms through iOS, and Android.