Cabernet: A Vampiric Narrative RPG Adventure

calimonk May 28, 2023

Indie studio Party for Introverts has announced their first full-length game, Cabernet, a supernatural narrative RPG set in a world of aristocratic vampires. The game is set to launch on Steam in early 2024. Players will step into the role of Liza, a young female vampire, and navigate through a dialogue-driven story shaped by their choices and relationships.

The first gameplay trailer for Cabernet has been released, showcasing the game's immersive 19th-century world and rich narrative.

The game will allow players to master vampiric abilities, plan their next feast, and survive the night, all while building relationships and making choices that impact the storyline.

Party for Introverts has received critical acclaim for their previous work, and Cabernet promises to be an exciting addition to their repertoire. With a talented team behind the project and a unique gameplay experience, fans of supernatural narratives and RPGs should keep an eye out for Cabernet when it launches on Steam in 2024.