Castle of Alchemists: A Tower Defense RPG Adventure

calimonk May 15, 2023

Indie game development team, Team Machiavelli, is excited to announce the release of their new game, Castle of Alchemists, on Steam Early Access on May 17, 2023. The game is a top-down tower defense/action hybrid with RPG elements, set in a medieval-fantasy world. Developed by just two passionate creators, the game is filled with 100% original visuals and audio.

The game offers a unique blend of gameplay, with players taking on the role of an alchemist defending their castle against waves of enemies. The game also features deep character progression with RPG elements, allowing players to level up and unlock new abilities. The game's stunning hand-crafted visuals and immersive audio add to the overall experience.

According to the developers, the game offers a challenging experience, with one early demo tester dubbing it "sadistic" towards the end. Fans of challenging games can expect some intense action. Team Machiavelli has also provided a Steam demo key and a press kit, packed with useful assets for articles and reviews.

Castle of Alchemists is a game that offers a unique and immersive experience, with its blend of tower defense and action gameplay, deep character progression, and stunning visuals and audio. The game is now available on Steam Early Access, and fans of challenging games are sure to enjoy the intense action it offers.