Challenge Death When Never Mourn Arrives to Steam this Month

jasonnieva May 01, 2024

Primal Seed announced that Never Mourn is all set to launch on Steam Early Access this May 13. This action RPG expertly mixes different rogue-lite elements and has players go on a journey through the realms of life and afterlife. When the game comes out, it's going to be priced at $14.99.

The game has players take on the role of a necromancer, one who has the ability to raise enemies from the dead. It is the intuitive necromancy that serves as the core of this rather deathly experience. This is made possible courtesy of the double-edged Staff of Equilibrium.

With this, necromancers get to slay any hostile forces which oppose them as they go through this dark fantasy world. Each of the defeated enemy can be reanimated and recruited to be part of the growing legion that's under the command of the players. At the same time, players also have the option to banish enemies defeated.

Talking about this new title, Primal Seed Executive Producer Luca Miskic revealed in a statement that they've been working hard to create an experience that's not only exciting but also challenging. He adds that the game is sure to push the players to their limits as they resurrect defeated enemies and build their very own unstoppable army.

Meanwhile Creative Director Enrique Pons del Rey shared that they wanted to offer a different kind of necromancer. It's one where you get to revive enemies as what they were before being defeated and not simply your typical skeletons. He went on to say that the game features a fresh take on necromancy especially when it comes to action and rogue-lites.

Here’s an overview of some of the game’s key features:

  • Switch between life and death and determine the fate of your enemies once you have defeated them.
    • You can either banish them from the mortal realm for eternity or recruiting them into your legion of the damned.
  • Unleash the powerful ‘Staff of Equilibrium and take on enemies.
    • Play a support role and command recently reanimated minions to do your bidding with a multitude of spells and abilities to perfect your preferred playstyle.
  • Experience a dark narrative in an immersive fantasy world weaving in themes of loss, revenge, and resurrection.
    • The burden of being a battle necromancer is a heavy one.

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