Chornobyl Liquidators Offers a Different Experience When it Comes Out June 6

jasonnieva April 26, 2024

What do you do when you're faced with a disaster that affects a lot of human lives? You get to answer that when Chornobyl Liquidators comes out June 6. It's based on the latest nuclear disaster in recorded human history.

It was back on April 26, 1986, when the reactor of a nuclear power plant in Chornobyl exploded and its destruction resulted in the release of massive amounts of radioactive isotopes into the atmosphere. These resulted in sending what was known as liquidators to solve the problem. Despite the danger, a lot of them did what was asked at the expense of their own health and even their lives.

Historical Accuracy

Now there's no question that there's been a lot of video games released based on this disaster. However, what makes this upcoming title different is that it focuses on historical accuracy. That means there's no anomalies or mutated creatures resulting from the anomalies. Instead, what you have is experiencing the actual consequences of what happens when a reactor at a nuclear plant fails.

Not only does the game accurately reproduce the events or the language but also the available locations and documents. It even has the tools and items that were used during that period. This was made possible by using the various archival photos and documents along with exhibits both from museums and private collections. Developer Live Motion Game also made sure to base it on memories from individuals associated with the events.

Unique Experience

To offer a truly unique experience to players, the studio didn't simply settle on having a high degree of realism. The game also incorporates elements found in simulation and survival games. In particular these include specific mechanics or status effects.

An example of this is the in-game stress mechanic, which serves to represent the mental and performance state of the protagonist. What happens is that the more one is exposed to stress, the harder it is to complete quests. In severe cases it can even lead to a heart attack which can result in death. To lower the stress level, players can use consumable items like cigarettes or chocolate.

Good Story

The studio also made it a point to put importance on the narrative design. The team put a lot of effort into having a captivating storyline. By combining fictional plot and historical accuracy, they’ve managed to make sure that the realism is not compromised.

While players do take on the role of fictional characters, they’ve been inspired by true stories. Not only do they get to visit locations that existed in 1986 but also perform tasks which may have been done by actual liquidators during that period.

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