Demo for Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff is Now on Steam

jasonnieva May 05, 2024

Kindred Games released a demo for their cooperative open world RPG Swords 'n Magic and Stuff. It gives players a peek at the first hour of what the game offers. In particular, it allows them to explore the first tutorial island zone of Castaway Rock. This move is rather interesting considering that it's been a while since the game was released on Steam Early Access.

While the demo supports multiplayer, it won't be possible to play with those who have the full game. The save system works in the same manner for the demo. Though not recommended, players can try to over any characters made in the demo to the full game once it's purchased.

However, that's not all the studio is offering. The game is being offered at 50% discount for a limited period. If you're one of those who want to buy the game, don't take too long to decide since the promotion ends May 6.

Introducing the Wardrobe

Aside from a demo, the studio also released Update 1.7.16. The most notable feature in this update would have to be the Wardrobe. What this does is give players the abilities to store clothing, hats, and masks. That's not all since once these items are stored in the Wardrobe, the style is unlocked permanently for all the characters that's in the account of the players.

Loadout System

Players can also look forward to the overhauled loadouts. It now allows players to not only create as many loadouts as they want but also rename them. This should work well with the wardrobe system. After all it means that they can have a custom style for each loadout without the need to carry all those cosmetic items in the inventory. There's a catch though. This new system meant that the loadouts of all players have been wiped out and to that the studio apologizes.

Other New Content

The new update also gives players the ability to craft augment stones up to Masterwork quality with the use of Augment Shards. This new item can be obtained by smelting down augment stones. This feature is sure to be useful especially when it comes to turning a bunch of standard stones into a few higher quality ones.

The update also introduces some of the much-needed inventory tweaks. An example is a better stack splitting feature where players can now split stacks into other inventories. There’s also a button where they can deposit matching items into an inventory.

Get Swords 'n Magic and Stuff on Steam now.