Enjoy a New Online Gameplay Experience with Decimated

jasonnieva May 05, 2024

Fracture Labs is inviting everyone to a new 3rd person PvP and PvE online game experience with Decimated. The game takes players on an unprecedented adventure across a vast dystopian landscape. It's a world where they can craft their very own fate.

The Backstory

The game is set in 2187, hundreds of years since Earth has been abandoned as a result of the destructive climate change and the catastrophic neglect of the environment by corporations and industry. The Political and social unrest has left the old cities not only decimated but also hostile to life. While civilization has collapsed and destroyed itself, a cyborg police force continues wields control over the wastelands. In addition, only privileged first-class citizens are allowed onto the new world. The unworthy who were left behind now have to scavenge in the forgotten cities of Earth, which has since then are now overgrown with jungle, flooded by swamps, swallowed by sand and frozen by ice.

The Gameplay

In the game, players start as human citizens and then undergo training and use equipment to develop them into the different classes. Law-abiding and trained citizens for example can choose to join the ranks of cyber police and safeguard the global order. However, given the vast and hostile apocalyptic environment, there's a wide change of challenges for any style of gameplay. That means players can also choose to become a resource collector, a chauffeur, a medic, a mechanic, a smuggler, and an outlaw, to name a few.

Players can compete against one another or cooperate to do different activities like exploring, building bases, or even completing missions to obtain rewards. Enemies though aren't limited to players since it includes NPCs like malfunctioning robots.

To survive, players need to find food, water, and in some cases, oxygen. When injured, players need to treat their wounds or risk bleeding to death. Treated patients though could become addicted to medications which can then affect their performance and judgment. By the way, if a player dies, they respawn with limited items.

Overall, Decimated offers a richly designed and immersive world that’s sure to test the survival instincts of each player. The game features a sandbox of endless possibilities. Wishlist the game on Steam now.