Enjoy a World with No Constraints in Eternal Damnation

jasonnieva June 04, 2024

SD Games announced that Eternal Damnation is launching to Steam Early Access this July 15. Players though get to the try this hybrid real-time strategy RPG early when the demo arrives June 10 as part of the Steam Next Fest. The game puts power in the hands of players as they try to fight against a dominant evil.

After their rather untimely demise, players now have to choose between death or reincarnation. They'll need to navigate a large fantasy world at the bidding of an ancient deity. Player agency is important in the game. That's because actions have tangible and genuine consequences which shape the destiny of the world at large. Players are tasked with learning what type of ruler they want to be.

A Sandbox Experience

Eternal Damnation offers a world that has no constraints. Players for example can choose to follow the primary story and fight their way to total domination or possibly go on the beaten path. They can also explore the world at their own pace and as a result can discover different NPCs, environments, and possible quests. As mentioned, actions and choices made have a permanent effect on the world so it's always good to think carefully before making any decision.

There are different ways to interact with the world of the game. There’s exploration, combat, and even dungeon crawling. Quests meanwhile was designed to be open-ended and even offers branching narrative trees with different ways to finish each one.

Proud of the Work

Talking about this title, SD Games co-founder Emily Povi shared in a statement that they’re excited for players to explore the world that’s created. She added that they’ve been inspired by different games and are proud of how the game has actually come along when it comes to gameplay, the level design, and even the atmosphere.

Meanwhile Level designer Rhys Brooke revealed that he was passionate when it came to developing the game. He said that they’re excited to introduce players to different areas like the desert, which is an excellent play to explore especially for those looking for a challenge.

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