Enshrouded: Unveiling the Mysteries

calimonk June 06, 2023

Keen Games has released a new gameplay video for their upcoming co-op survival-crafting action RPG, Enshrouded. The video provides a glimpse into the game's combat mechanics, weapons, and enemies that players will face in this unforgiving world. The trailer can be viewed here:

The in-depth trailer introduces players to the harsh world of Enshrouded, filled with dangers among the ruins of a lost kingdom and the mysterious fog that has consumed it. Players must fight to survive by locking on to their target, studying the enemies' attack patterns, and blocking or parrying incoming attacks. The game features a wide variety of powerful weapons, including light melee weapons like swords, heavy melee weapons like hammers and axes, bows, arrows, wands, and staffs, to cater to different playstyles.

As players explore the world, they will encounter various enemy factions inhabiting the remnants of the lost kingdom. The wildlife is dangerous, and inhabitants who have been consumed by the mysterious fog have turned into the Fell. Scavengers scour the lands, and wild beasts pose a threat to all who dare approach them. In Enshrouded, preparation and strategy are key. Players must take advantage of buffs, food, and potions while being mindful of enemy types. The game also offers a grappling hook, tunnels, and a gliding mechanic to infiltrate enemy outposts. The combat showcase provides further insight into the leveling system, crafting, and multiplayer mode, allowing players to level up, improve their weapons and armor, and unlock additional perks with special legendary equipment.

Don't forget to wishlist Enshrouded on Steam and stay tuned for more updates on this exciting co-op survival-crafting action RPG.