Erenshor Developer Looking for Playtesters

jasonnieva July 09, 2024

Burgee Media announced that they're looking for playtesters for their simulated MMORPG Erenshor. This is to get feedback on the world design, content balance, and the early stages of the story.

Those interested can head on over to the game's official Steam Page and sign up for a chance to be chosen to be part of the closed and limited beta test. Those qualified for the test get temporary access to the full and in-development play area. In addition, testers don't need to worry about any progress that they make since it's going to be saved and available once the game released.

The studio revealed in a statement that for now, it's going to be limited to a small number of players. This is to prevent duplicate reports especially on the obvious issues. The studio did assure everyone that more testers are to be added over time.

Content Updates

In between rounds of playtesting, Burgee Media shared that they'll be releasing large content updates. This can include, but is not limited to, new items, new spells, and new characters. There's also going to be new content stat changes along with item and spell removal for balancing purposes.

The studio also said that playtesters are free to stream Erenshor content to their channels, make videos, and even share screenshots. The only condition is that it should be done with the knowledge or disclaimer that it is a beta test and that there's a possibility bugs may occur.

Getting Feedback

As mentioned, the test is being done to get comments from the community. That said, feedback forms are going to be available through a link in-game. The amount of feedback received is going to be a determining factor in how long each round of testers has access to the build, and how many future testers are going to be invited. Just remember that the more information the studio has to work with, the better.

Erenshor is a fully functioning MMORPG with a twist. The other players aren't humans and the "O" actually stands for "Offline." and the 'O' stands for 'Offline'. Basically you're one player in an active player base and try to make your way in the world. The game is a single player love letter to the MMORPGs of old. It takes inspiration from the classic titles of the 90s and early 00s, where combat is deliberate and deadly.