Experience a Story of Self-Discovery in Sheba: A New Dawn

jasonnieva April 10, 2024

The Metroidvania Action-RPG Sheba: A New Dawn is now available for the PC via Steam. It's being offered at $18.99. The game was developed Kashkool Games and is one of the first indie titles to come out of the MENA games market.

Kashkool Games is actually a team that's composed of three brothers, all of whom grew up being obsessed with players games on their family computer. As a way of challenging each other, they decided to come up with their own games. Eventually, they decided to start their very own studio. It was not easy for the brothers since they must learn not only how to develop a game but also running a studio. Making it even more challenging was that they were in a region that had no game curriculum.

Talking about the game, Kashkool co-founder and CEO Omran Almansoori shared in a statement that when they grew up, they never had game characters that represented their people or culture. He added that the Middle East has a lot of amazing stories along with a rich heritage and deep history. Omran went on to say that they want to develop a game that would bridge the gap.

An Unforgettable Journey

The game focus on a humble shepherd named Enar. His world has been turned upside down after the escape of the jinn prisoner named Mirah. Her escape sets of a series of events that ultimately leads Enar on a dangerous journey as he tries to regain control and uncover the mysteries of his world. As he goes on this epic adventure, he learns more about his true destiny which is being the hero of a new dawn.

As Enar fights to bring balance and save the world from certain doom, he'll need to keep an eye out for danger along with uncertainty that lurks at each turn. Helping him on his quest is Mirah.

The world that Enar lives in is bordered upon lands strange and bright. It's filled with wondrous creatures along with peoples beyond imagining. The ancient realm of Sheba has the line between myth and reality being blurred as humans and jinn fight in a never-ending struggle for dominance. With the fate of the kingdom hanging in the balance, you'll need to prepare for a journey into the unknown. Discover the secrets of this mystical land and fight against fearsome foes.

Get Sheba: A New Dawn on Steam now.