Explore a New Area with the Sewers Update for Draft of Darkness

jasonnieva March 05, 2024

Solo indie developer Crawly Games announced that the beta release of the Draft of Darkness v1.2 Sewers Update is finally here. This update introduces players to a new area along with offering a challenge mode and even custom mode. There's also additional content to look forward to and the localization support, which is sure to enrich the already deep and immersive experience of the game.

The new and first-level area is the Sewers Area, which serves as an alternative to the Residence Area. It offers players a fresh and even more challenging start especially with the prowler enemies, zombies, acidic hazards, and traps. Aside from this new area, players can also look forward to new content which includes 12 new epic moves, at least 6 new normal enemies, 3 new bosses, and more than 23 new events, to name a few.

For the two modes introduces, the first is Challenge Mode. It features specially designed runs where players can earn "Challenge Gems" once they complete it. These gems are the new in-game currency which allows players to unlock content that's in the Credits Shop. The second is Custom Mode where everyone can come up with runs that have custom modifiers and goals, and share configurations. They can then compete with friends.

Join the Beta

This being a beta release, the community has a chance to be part of the development and provide feedback that's going go shape the game's final version. The full release is scheduled on March 25.

Draft of Darkness was released August 23, 2023, and available on Steam for $14.99. The game offers a combination of survival horror atmosphere, strategic card combat, and roguelike dungeon exploration. It's set in a post-apocalyptic city with players needing to manage resources, recruit allies, and even navigate across the darkness-infested environments.

One of the main features of the game is the unique weapon-based combat system. Each card in the game can be used by equipping it to a type of weapon. With different weapon types, players can build unique decks and come up with a strategy. In addition, each weapon comes with unique mechanics which be mixed and matched for those truly insane combos.

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