Exsys: The Ultimate Beat ‘Em Up Adventure

calimonk May 26, 2023

Bangkok-based indie developer Peakware Studio has released a massive update for their beat 'em up adventure game, Exsys, on Steam. Priced at $10.99 USD, this update brings an entire remake of the game while it remains in Early Access, with more features to add. Exsys combines action RPG and fighting game elements to create a customizable combat system where players can create their own combos and use active skills.

The new update comes with a plethora of enhancements, including a new art direction, more detailed and believable characters, all-new characters, maps, stunning environments, and a more fluid combat system. A new Active Skill System has been introduced, inspired by fighting games where players can execute moves after an attack, connecting each one to create a combo. The game has also transitioned from an open-world format to an area-based world map, scaling down the story missions for a more compact and faster-paced experience.

Exsys features a free combo system, allowing players to create custom combos, an active skill system to loot and equip active skills, an item system to modify stats, exploration for discovering multiple parts, a permadeath system where players lose everything upon character death, and an item stash to store items for the next character.