Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean Kickstarter Launching Soon

calimonk February 27, 2023

Ahoy, me hearties! A new game is about to set sail in the world of gaming. Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean, a challenging Real-Time Tactics stealth game set in the intriguing realm of pirates, will soon hit Kickstarter.

This game promises to take you through the golden age of piracy and the high seas, allowing you to experience epic adventures spanning the Caribbean Sea. Set in a world full of marine legends of cursed islands, mermaids, and other mythical creatures, Frigato is a game for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of pirates and their treasure.

In Frigato, you'll be taking command of a motley crew of sea rogues and trying to beat the British Royal Navy to the Caribbean’s most valuable treasure. A sound plan and tactical thinking will be indispensable, but you can always use your intuition and improvise if all else fails.

As you embark on your journey through the Caribbean Sea, you will encounter challenges requiring you to use your diverse character abilities to defeat your foes successfully. Sneak through ships and across harbors, mystical islands, and iconic locations. Be a quiet, elusive pirate gentleman or a bloodthirsty murderer torturing his victims. Please pay attention to your crew, as your chosen path will inspire respect in some, while it may push others to mutiny.

Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean allows you to play your way! Topple a stack of crates on your enemies’ heads, set things on fire with tar, or break a mast in half to gain the upper hand. Choose between non-lethal and murderous playstyles. But be warned, your actions will influence the world around you. Murder and torture may be more profitable now, but they will motivate your future targets to invest in better security.

The game is designed to give players the experience of being a true pirate captain. Your crewmates have their own motivations and values, and how you act will affect their loyalty. The riches you accumulate can be spent on better equipment, ammunition, or bribes.

With Frigato, the developers are hoping to raise the Jolly Roger flag and awaken your inner pirate. Sneak, plan, hide, and kill to survive. May your blade always be wet, and powder dry. Learn the story of a unique crew, plan your strategy, use your unique skills and try to outshine Jack Sparrow.

The Kickstarter for Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean launches on March 5th, with immediate access to an exclusive Kickstarter demo. Get ready to set sail and join the crew in their hunt for treasure.