Get Ready for Pathless Woods to Arrive to Steam Early Access this April

jasonnieva March 25, 2024

Pathless Woods is launching to Early Access on Steam this April 3. The offers players a vast open-world experience which features sandbox survival gameplay combined with ancient Chinese culture.

Pathless Woods invites players to a world that's shows the rich architectural and cultural heritage of ancient China. As they go on an exciting journey, they get to construct a lot of things from simple bridges and all the way to those magnificent pagodas. They'll also need to gather resources and possible engage in traditional Chinese farming. By the way, there's also a co-op multiplayer mode which allow friends to come together and explore the world together.

According to the developers over at Aniya Games Studio, there are also a lot of similar games in the genre but what makes their title stand out is the unique ancient China theme. They went on to say that with a lot of content available, they're excited to see how players show their creativity.

Protect the Land

As players start to build their home, they’ll need to be on the lookout for the continuous menace that are the Jaer cultists. They’re not afraid to end that tranquility and even deplete those resources. It’s important for players to remain alert and make sure that they’re able to defend themselves from those unyielding assaults.

It’s important to safeguard the land, after all it’s not easy to cultivate crops. Players not only need to master the art of water irrigation but also learn how to use fertilizers and ensure the right temperature is there.

Explore the Land

In the game, players get to carve our their very own path and see if they have what it takes to survive what nature has to offer. The important this to remember is that it’s all about adaptability so they’ll need to make use of the environment to their advantage if they are to survive.

As players get to experience the breathtaking scenery, they’ll have to engage with the locals if they are ever to discover what the ancient ruins are hiding. There are a lot of discoveries and treasures simply waiting to be found.

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