Get Ready to Demolish Enemies with The Braves

jasonnieva May 05, 2024

The full version of The Braves is finally available on Steam. This free-to-play Bullet Hell Roguelike game has players try to survive against hordes of monsters as they explore a ruthless fantasy world.

The game is set in a world that's been infested with bloodthirsty monsters. Fortunately, there are heroes not afraid to stand up against this evil. The Braves invites players to be part of battles where lives are on the line and to try and survive at all costs. They get the chance to be stronger by collecting resources and obtaining better gear. They even get to run a small town where they can fine-tune the heroes.

Be the Hero

While evil may lurk in every corner, there's always a brave soul that's looking for an adventure. They're usually found in the Tavern. Once players choose their hero, they'll need to send them to battles to make them stronger. As players complete quests, they get to unlock at least 20 characters, each one bringing with them unique skills. However, keep in mind that each hero also has unique vulnerabilities. The trick is for players to find someone that fits their playstyle.

Fight the Monsters

Each monster wants nothing more than to go after the heroes and sink their teeth and tear them apart. Players shouldn't just settle on defeating those bloodthirsty monsters but also challenge bosses.

Explore the World

The game features six locations with each offering unique challenges and enemies. These include the Forest, Laboratory, Pogost, Mycelium Network, Dunes, and Bran Castle. It may not sound much but 101XP Game Studios revealed in a statement that new locations are to be added in future updates. In addition to beating opponents, be sure to collect those valuable resources.

Upgrade Weapons and Equipment

Talent can help in fighting against enemies but in most cases it won't be enough. This is where equipment comes in. To increase the chances of survival, players need to improve the stats of their weapons. There are also special set bonuses where they can obtain reduced skill cooldowns and the like.

Ready to fight evil? Get The Braves on Steam now.