It’s Time to Rescue the World as Chrono Ark Full Version Now Officially Released

jasonnieva May 05, 2024

The single player roguelike title Chrono Ark is officially out on Steam. The game features elements of deckbuilders and combines it with those of party-based RPGs. It's a game where players have to rescue the world from chaos.

Chrono Ark has actually been in Early Access for four years and the official release adds new content. For example there's the split ending, which introduces another path in the main story. There's also a new boss named as "Shiranui" added to the game. To unlock, players need to defeat the Forgotten King at least once. However, to encounter this boss, it needs a visit to a specific event. This one is a challenging boss, so preparation is key.

Players can also look forward to the new event object which is the "Popcorn Stand." To meet the new Popcorn Girl simply visit the Stage 2-1 random event 'Popcorn Stand'. Check out everything that's been added or changed in the full version here.

The Story

The game is set in a time when the world was covered in the Black Fog and mankind has evacuated to the Ark. The only way to restore the world is to collect the Time Shades which has been scattered across the Twisted Land and running the Clock Tower. Once the Clock Tower ticks again, it means that world can now begin to return to the peaceful days.

The story focuses on Lucy, who opens her eyes to the Twisted Land that's beneath the Ark. She has no memory of what happened to her with the exception of a mysterious message that tells her to operate the Clock Tower.

Form a Party & Fight

In the game, players need to form a team having a maximum of four members. To win the battle, it's important to synergize each card and customize the characters. All the skills and perks appear as cards during the battle.

What makes this one different from your typical RPGs is that everything gained is reset when the party is eliminated. The good news is that there are some options to be discovered as the game progresses.

Get Chrono Ark on Steam now. It's currently being offered at a 25% discount for a limited period.