Kristala: Unleash the Feline Warrior Within

calimonk June 28, 2023

Independent development studio Astral Clocktower Studios has announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for the dark fantasy action RPG, Kristala, on Tuesday, July 11. The game immerses players in the role of an anthropomorphic feline warrior seeking to join the ranks of the renowned Raksaka warriors. To prove their worth, players must master the six magical specialties of the ancient, sacred Kristals.

In Kristala, players engage in epic battles against a curse that has transformed the creatures of Ailur into dangerous, mutated beasts. As they explore the captivating fantasy world, players will uncover its mysteries and interact with a diverse cast of characters. Strategic combat is key in restoring peace to Ailur, and players will have the opportunity to enhance their collection of weapons, spells, and armor sets.

Kristala offers players the chance to choose between three different classes at the start of the game: Brawn, Finesse, or Quality. The game features six magic specialties that correspond with the six playable clans, as well as two distinct stats: Eminence and Malediction. Players can expect a unique, detailed character customization experience through stat leveling, magic leveling, and an innovative feline skill leveling tree. The game's strategic, fast-paced combat will keep players coming back for more, with a heavy emphasis on both magic and replayability.

For more information on Kristala, visit their Kickstarter page and stay tuned to their various social networks such as Discord, Twitter, and YouTube. The game is also available on Steam.