Learn More About Dolven through the Steam Deck Builders Fest

jasonnieva March 27, 2024

Covyne Entertainment announced that Dolven is going to be one of those featured during the Steam Deck Builders Fest. The event has actually started and is expected to run until April 1. The goal of the Fest is to feature released and unreleased deck building games from popular genres, mainly RPG.

This makes Dolven truly fit for the Steam Deck Builders Fest since it's a fantasy turn-based strategy RPG that offers a deep card-based battle system. It's set after the scourge of The Necromancer and we see a band of mercenaries doing what they can to rid the Decaying Isles of evil. To do this, they'll have to use Pillars to create different combos and earn mana while also getting advantage over enemies.

What makes the Pillars different is that is allows for a whole new depth of strategy RPG gameplay. That because it combines grid-based combat and card-battler mechanics. The game offers a whole new depth when it comes to veterans of the genre while featuring a new fantasy world having a dark mystery to overcome.

Gather the Party

In the game, you get to choose a character from one of six classes which are Archer, Cleric, Guardian, Mage, Rogue, or Warrior. Each of the characters are further divided into three archetypes and these are Strength, Intellect, and Agility. In addition, each class also offers a unique set of skills and abilities for you to master.

Since each decision made on the battlefield have its consequences, it's important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each character. Remember that one wrong move can have dire repercussions.

The Deck

In the game, you'll need to plan your moves and come up with hand combinations on the pillars in order to gain mana and win those valuable rewards. Each of the three card suits have values from 1 to 13. Arrange cards on the Pillars to form hands. Customize the deck as you fight your way through the maze of dungeons. Make smart card choices and always consider card class and character type.

There's still no release date announced but the studio shared that they're working on fleshing out the world once it launches on Steam. A public demo is planned to be launched soon.

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