Monsters Domain Has You Defeat Heroes to Protect Your Land

jasonnieva April 02, 2024

In most role-playing games, the goal is to enter dungeons, defeat monsters, and grab treasures. The upcoming title Monsters Domain puts a different spin on the genre by having you instead the monsters, kill the heroes, and grab their treasures. The game is coming out on Steam this April 5 and to be available at $19.99. However, there's going to be a release discount of 20% running for 14 after launch.

Defend the Domain

As already mentioned, your goal is to stop any visitors that enter your domain. However, you don't start big. Instead, you'll begin with some simple monsters and skeletons. Over time you'll need to build up the defenses of the domain. In terms of gameplay, you get to play any monsters in your army and have them follow specific orders. Each time they kill a hero, the monsters get stronger and in turn give you a chance to equip them better or have them develop new skills. It's also possible to reanimate fallen intruders or even collect pieces of the slain warriors and find new ways to use it.

Different Styles

The game lets you choose from focusing on a specific style or mixing them together to have a unique set of monsters. Styles include the likes of Necromancy, Vivisection, Mutation, Runes, Elixirs, Talismans, Forge, Techie, Strategy, Roguery, Drilling or Sorcery and the different schools of Dark Magic.

With Styles, you can come up with more powerful weapons and upgrades. For example, you can take the vivisected finger of a mage and then combine it with some elixirs to create a rather strong upgrade for your skeleton. The reanimated corpse of a fallen hero meanwhile with fresh mutations added can be assigned to be a new boss.

Learn and Experiment

How your monsters kill the heroes is not only entertaining but can also serve as an eye opener. Be sure to come up with a strategy and new roguery tricks. You can drill skeletons to have them fight in formation or even teach those zombies how to play dead. Do some experiment in the Forge using loot and spells to turn them into unique crafting materials.

Loot All You Want

Aside from killing the heroes, remember to loot those dead bodies. These bodies not only decay but it's possible to lose the treasures to soe of those imps of other thieves. Treasures can be forged into powerful objects or use them to lure more visitors. Study new materials and runes and develop schematics for traps and devices. Collect limbs, flesh and bones for experiments and new creations.

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