Nightingale Arriving on Steam Early Access Two Days Early

jasonnieva February 16, 2024

Good news to those excited on the upcoming game Nightingale. Inflexion Games said that the game is now coming out earlier than expected. Instead of the February 22, it's releasing on Steam Early Access this February 20.

Indeed, the new release date means that players can now start their adventures two days earlier. However, the main reason seems to be letting the studio give its team a head start an addressing any issues at launch before the start of a busy weekend period.

While waiting, you can check out the new trailer released. This once puts focus on the game's character customization, building and crafting, weapons and combat, exploration using Realm Cards, Apex creatures, Dungeons and multiplayer features. One of the multiplayer features is The Watch, which is a social hub where Realmwalkers can meet, plan adventures, pick up quests or jump into challenging dungeons together. You can watch the new trailer here.

A New Experience

In the game, players take on the role of a Realmwalker and go through different arcane portals to forge their very own story of discovery and survival. Making the experience more enjoyable is the procedurally generated Victorian gaslamp fantasy universe. Nightingale offers a deep survival-crafting gameplay and combines it with intricate world building along with stunning visuals. There’s no question that the game pushes the boundaries when it comes to the genre especially with the quests, an evolving narrative, and of course, a focus on player autonomy.

Embark on a New Adventure

In addition to exploring the expansive realms, players are asked to find the abandoned remnants of past expeditions by Realmwalkers. They’ll also need to investigate the rather mysterious Fae architecture and search across the ruins and subterranean caves. Each new portal offers both beauty and danger.

It’s not going to be easy since within the portal network lurks fearsome creatures like the twisted Fae mimicries of humanity that’s called as the Bound. There is a way to fight back though since players can craft and wield different kinds of melee weapons and even firearms.

Players can try to take on the adventure solo and show their strength. There’s also an option to play cooperatively with friends through the online shared-world realmscape. In this case, it’s important to combine strengths, resources, and skills, to not only survive but also thrive together.

Early Access Plans

Once Nightingale becomes available in early access, it’s just the start of a shared journey until the full release. The studio plans to continue working directly with the community and iterate and improve the game on a regular basis. Players can also look forward to new content being added while in early access.

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