Omashu Expansion Arrives in Avatar Generations

calimonk March 15, 2023

CDE Entertainment, in collaboration with Paramount Consumer Products and developer Navigator Games, has just unveiled the first expansion for Avatar Generations, which brings the iconic city of Omashu, King Bumi, and a new PvP Arena to the popular mobile game. Available on both iOS and Android devices, Avatar Generations invites players to explore the vast world of the Four Nations with their favorite characters from the Avatar universe.

The Omashu expansion introduces a new campaign featuring the eccentric Earthbending master, King Bumi, as well as other new heroes, enemies, and supports. Bumi, a powerful Earthbender and childhood friend of Aang, joins the game's already impressive roster. Fans can watch the exciting Omashu expansion trailer:

In addition to new characters, the update also brings the highly-anticipated Player-versus-Player (PvP) mode to the game. Set in the Avatar’s classic Earth Rumble Arena, this mode allows players to face off against the top teams of other players and compete in the newly added Leaderboards. Will Moore, CEO of Navigator Games, expressed excitement about the PvP addition, stating that it enables players to test their team-building skills against rivals in a competitive environment.

The Omashu expansion comes with a wealth of new content, including:

  • New Characters: Bumi, Flopsie, Captain Boqin, and a certain Cabbage Merchant
  • New Campaign and Exploration
  • New Boss Battle Stages
  • New Player Missions
  • New Environments: Omashu and the Earth Rumble Arena
  • Surprise Additions, one with a "sharp appearance"

Avatar Generations features turn-based battles that are both immersive and strategic, allowing players to customize formations and team-combos. Fans can relive the adventures of Aang and friends, as well as experience brand new stories within the Avatar universe, while battling enemies, upgrading heroes, and mastering the elements to restore balance to the spiritual and physical world.

You can download Avatar Generations now on the App Store and Google Play Store.