Once Human Invites You to Try and Survive the Apocalypse this July

jasonnieva June 26, 2024

We finally have a release date for Once Human and it's going to be on July 9 (PDT). This supernatural-themed survival game invites players to a post-apocalyptic world that's filled with bizarre creatures and unknown dangers. It provides a thrilling experience through exploration, combat, and survival.

There's been a lot of good things happening to the game. For example, it managed to achieve the Triple Crown on Steam and attracted more than 300,000 users worldwide. It has topped the most wishlisted upcoming games, trending upcoming, and daily active demo players lists, ranking #1 in each category within 24 hours. That's not all since according to official information revealed by Valve, the game had the most demo players during the Steam Next Fest in June.

But wait, there's more! It seems that the game had a significant impact on Twitch as it became the 8th most watched game within 2 hours of the demo going live. There are around 80,000 concurrent viewers excited for the official release. What else? Well there have been at least 15 million pre-registrations along with almost 300,000 wishlists.

Surviving the Apocalypse

The game is set during an apocalypse that changed everything. Everything on the planet have been infested by an alien creature known as Stardust. As a Meta-Human, you have the ability to survive the contamination and make use of the power of Stardust.

Anyway, you wake up in the middle of nowhere and now have to prepare and face the cruelty of nature, which include lack of food and all the way to monsters. Making things worse is that the influence of the Stardust is not limited to living things. It can also affect the soil and water. What this means is that when you eat polluted food or drink dirty water, your Sanity is reduced. Once Sanity drops, the max HP drops accordingly.

As you make your way across the wasteland, you'll need to fight against different enemies that were once human. Then there are the challenge bosses from another dimension which when defeat allow you to gain powerful items and ease Stardust pollution. The good news is that you won't be going to battle empty-handed. There are around 100 gun blueprints that's divided into seven categories for you to collect and then craft. Remember that each loot gives you something new. Thus, if you don't like the current weapon you have, you can add different parts and eve upgrade the firearm.

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