PlayStation Players Can Now Take on the Gordian Quest

jasonnieva May 01, 2024

Good news for console players! The RPG Gordian Quest is now available for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5. With this, new players can enjoy a game where they go on an endlessly customizable adventure which feature roguelite elements and combined with turn-based strategic combat.

A World in Trouble

The game is set in Wrendia, a world that's ruled by darkness and one where scoundrels and thieves thrive. There's no question that the land needs saving and the thing is, only heroes can bring it back from the brink. The Gordian Quest is a deckbuilding RPG that's inspired by old-school classics that include the likes of Ultima and D&D while making use of modern gaming concepts like roguelite elements and turn-based strategic combat.

The game has you form parties of heroes that you need to lead and manage as they go on grueling missions. Help them in forging bonds along with discovering new skills. It's important to be fearless and unwavering especially when you want to unravel the curses laid upon the lands and at the same time defeat the ultimate evil at the heart of it all.

Different Modes

The game has players choose from different modes. There's Campaign Mode for example where you get to play through four acts. It takes you from the troubled lands of Westmire and all the way to the enigmatic Sky Imperium. It's truly an epic journey where you have the chance to save the land of Wrendia.

Then there's Realm Mode which offer a frenetic and fast-paced roguelite mode. This is a rather challenging and ever-changing version of the game especially with the unpredictable threats and rewards. You can finish five realms or maybe take on an endless challenge and see just how far you can go. Adventure Mode meanwhile is an end-game mode where you get to can explore procedurally generated areas or take on different solo challenges.

Finally, the Skirmish Mode is a 1v1 mode where you take your party of three and have them go against a team from another player.

Meet the Heroes

The Gordian Quest offers a roster of ten heroes with each one bringing with them their own unique class, skills, and even playstyle. Talking about skills, the heroes have a combined total of as much as 800 active and passive skills which can be used during the turn-based battles. You can also upgrade, train, and equip heroes through a wide range of weapons, armor, and enchanted trinkets that can enhance abilities.

Gordian Quest is available for the PC via Steam.