Prepare for a Promotion as Mabinogi Launches the Winter Infinite Growth Event

jasonnieva November 18, 2023

If you're looking for a way to get that much needed promotion, then you're in luck. The Winter Infinite Growth Event in Mabinogi is now live. From November 16 to January 18, you get to earn EXP and rewards through by taking on training and joining collection events. You can even just log in to get those hotday rewards.

What's going to happen is that during the event period, you're going to receive the quest which is [Guide] It's Not Delivery, it's da Gig Economy! To get started, you'll need to look for FomorDash Talent Acquisition Specialist Joe in Dunbarton.

Once you finish the quest, you'll get 50,000 EXP. You'll also get access to the e Employee Handbook menu which lets you view your play records during the event period and what benefits are available.

Be a Member

You're also going to receive a new quest called as [Guide] Sign Up for Membership. Once again you'll have to go to Dunbarton and talk to FomorDash Talent Acquisition Specialist Joe. This time though you'll be registering a main character for the event. While you can only register one character per account, this main character gets access to an Inventory Rental Bag (Master Plan Inventory), Pet Rental, and Weekly Quests.

Completing the quest again lets you obtain 50,000 EXP. However, you also get SuperCharge Energy Drink which increases your stats for the duration of the event. The stat increases are:

  • Defense +10
  • Protection +5
  • Magic Defense +10
  • Magic Protection +5
  • HP +500
  • MP +500
  • Stamina +500

Event Buffs

Of course, there's also going to be event buffs. Now for the whole event period, these benefits are going to be active:

  • 100% Free Repair Fee.
  • Free Hero Talent Rebirth.
  • Free Appearance Change for Pon styles.
  • Reward limit for obtaining the Crom Bas Weekly Reward increased to 12 times.
  • Reward limit for clearing the Daily Lord Mission increased to 5 times.
  • Reward limit for clearing the Alban Knights Training Mission increased to 5 times.

Learn more about the Winter Infinite Growth Event here.

Mabinogi was first released to the North America region back in 2008. This immersive and free-to-play MMORPG invited players to a world where mystical adventures await. Mabinogi is available for the PC via Steam.