Star Wars: The Old Republic Welcomes Chain in the Dark

jasonnieva December 04, 2023

Chains in the Dark is all set to be launched in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This one has playes experience a never-before-seen area called as Kessan's Landing. They'll also get to earn new Achievements and Reputation rewards in the Daily Area. They could event take on the FR3-D0M World Boss.

The Storyline

Kessan’s Landing is a new Daily Area that's located on Ord Mantell. Players realize that they'll be able to complete repeatable missions along with getting new Achievements and Reputation rewards. A chain of side missions is also available which take players all across the galaxy as they try and assemble a piece of tech that's very useful on Kessan’s Landing.

Speaking of stories, the one for Lane Vizla continues through a series of missions which follows the events of Showdown on Ruhnuk. Throughout these missions, players get to meet with Lane Vizla herself, an expert in droid history called The Curator, and an assassin droid HK-24 unit.

New World Boss

Once this new content goes live, players have to remember to mind their feet and make sure to keep an eye out for those burning patches of plasma which FR3-D0M tends to leave on the ground during combat. By the way, there's a chance that FR3-D0M drops a unique mount called the Mantellian Separatist Hover Turret.

New Update

The new content arrives to Star Wars: The Old Republic courtesy of game update 7.4. One of the changes to look forward to are the ones done for the Galactic Trade Network. It's still familiar to players but has now become more accessible. Among others, there's a new advanced search section along with a more streamlined flow when it comes to claim and selling items.

Players should also be happy to know that there's now going to be a new character lighting tool for all the game's cinematic content. This new character lighting system is going to be available from class stories to world arcs to more recent expansions. Features of this new system include the use of environment lighting to allow for more accurate shadows. There's also the detailed self shadowing on characters and the more custom lighting control in cinematics.

You can read more about the update here.

Chains in the Dark arrives to Star Wars: The Old Republic on December 5. The game is available on Steam.