Survive and Bring Back Honor to Rome in Lost Legions

jasonnieva April 26, 2024

It's time to rise from the ashes and reclaim the honor of Rome in Lost Legions. It's releasing in the first half of 2025 and to be available for the PC via Steam. This historical exploration and survival game is based on the true events of the Varian disaster and set in a hand-crafted world that's inspired by the German region of Teutoburg Fores.

The game puts players in the role of a lone Roman soldier who's survives one of the worst Roman historical defeats. Stranded behind enemy lines, the soldier now has to survive in a world that's teeming with danger.

Lost in a Hostile Land

In the game players get to explore a wide range of biomes from eerie forests and all the way to the icy mountain tops. They'll need to scavenge for resources and then craft weapons and armor, especially if they want to survive the danger that's present in this wilderness. They'll need to recover the three lost banners of the fallen Legions but standing between them and the goal are the brutal barbarian tribes and ferocious beasts.

Starting from Scratch

Surviving isn't enough as players also need to rebuild the glory that is the Roman Empire. Don't stop at just creating powerful tools but also make sure to have fortified war camps. The flexible building system allows players to choose whether to build a small shelter or just go for a war camp. It’s also possible for players to claim enemy villages and then rebuild them to their image.

To secure a foothold in this hostile land, they'll have to make the most of their strategic skills.

Different Kind of Combat

The game features what can be described as equipment-based combat. It’s where skill and careful preparation are rewarded. That means players need to make use of different weapons where each one has unique attacks and even different blocking styles.

Your Own Path

The game lets you take the adventure solo or do it together with friends. The choice is up to the players since the fate of Rome lies on their shoulders.

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