Survivor Mercs Introduces New Subscription Plan with Merc Pass

jasonnieva April 01, 2024

A subscription model for Survivor Mercs is being launched and called the "Merc Pass." For about $4.99 per week, you get to hire an individual Merc character. Once subscribed, the renewal is automatic and has minimal disruption on the gameplay.

There's a total of 15 Mercs available in the game and to obtain them, you'll need to have a weekly subscription. Of course, you're not forced to get all of them since there's the option to choose individually which Mercs you want added to the roster. In addition, it's also possible to opt out of the auto-renewal at any time, especially if you don't want to play a specific Merc.

Talking about this new system, Wolpertinger Head and Game Director Sebastian Bender shared in a statement that with the Merc Pass, they'll be the first indie game to make use of AAA-monetization design. He added that this is sure to enhance the game experience since it makes players feel as if they're really running a real mercenary operation. Bender went on to say that the goal of the pass is to give gamers that "sense of pride and accomplishment," particularly when it comes to unlocking the different Mercs.

Fight the Power

The game is set in a world that's being threatened by the private robot army of the evil M.E.G.A. Corp. The last hope for mankind now lies in the hands of armed lunatics who apparently have signed up for a mercenary job. Of course, who is better to lead them than a disposable clone having an unpredictable set of special traits? As the Commander, you'll have to fight the enemy as you build your ragtag outfit to be the war machine that can rid the world of evil. It goes without saying that this isn't just about glory but also loot.

Game Features

Key features of the game are:

  • Control a Commander, generated from 3 random Traits, with thousands of unique combinations.
  • Build a squad from a large variety of Mercs with unique skill trees.
  • Select from dozens of Gear items to modify and improve the squad and Commander.
  • Conduct Operations on unique and procedural Maps with different mission parameters and unique Bosses.
  • Upgrade the base in between Operations with the materials scavenged.
  • Full support for controllers and keyboard/mouse.
  • Stream the game with Twitch integration and let your audience decide your fate.
  • Play now on SteamDeck, full compatibility verified.

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