The Latest Episode for the Arena Breakout: Infinite Companion Series is Finally Here

jasonnieva May 02, 2024

Developer MoreFun Studios released a new live-action short trailer which gives us a peek into the exciting firefights awaiting everyone on the digital battlefield of Arena Breakout: Infinite. Titled as "Red Smoke," it's the installment for the "Story of Kamona" companion series. This should be exciting news to looking forward to the game since it's been months since the last episode was released.

You can watch the latest episode here.

The Video Series

The "Story of Kamona" video series was made possible through a collaboration between the studio and real-world tactical advisors and actors having military experience. Every episode hopes to deliver authenticity by offering visceral and movie-like production quality along with true-to-life equipment and accurate reactions to changing conditions on the battlefield. The first story was "A Golden Opportunity" and this was followed by "No Man's Land." Two more episodes are planned to be released at a later this month.

An Immersive Experience

Arena Breakout: Infinite offers an ultra-real immersive tactical military extraction shooter where players get to dive into a world that has exceptional detail. From the real-time lighting and all the way to the 360 spatial sound effects which brings every pull of the trigger to life.

Military Simulation

In the game, you not only get to choose your gear but also get to pick your fights. The thing is, as long as you survive, the raid is considered a win. This means you should load up with everything that you need and probably check your gear twice. After all, each bullet counts especially when it comes to the Dark Zone. There’s no question that the game pushes you to the limits when it comes to strategic warfare and tactical firefights. Success doesn’t just mean survival but also getting substantial gains.

Closed Beta

Arena Breakout: Infinite is launching later this year and to be available for the PC via Steam. If you're one of those excited for the game, there's good news. A Closed Beta Test is scheduled on May 8. However, not everyone may have the chance since there's only going to be a limited number of beta testers to be accepted. They're going to be randomly selected from sign-up registrations. If you want to get whitelisted into the Closed Beta, you can register here. By the way, the beta period is expected to run to at least two weeks.

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