The Legendary Horror Game Ao Oni Comes to Steam this Month

jasonnieva July 08, 2024

Good news for fans of Ao Oni. This legendary horror game is finally making its way to Steam. The fun officially begins on July 26. It's also being released for the Nintendo Switch.

Ao Oni is a freeware horror game that was first released back in November 2008 in Japan. It gained a cult following as a result of paythroughs and livestreams. The game was later adapted into different media like light novels, mange, and even two-feature length movies.

The Ao Oni

The game focuses on the adolescent protagonist "Hiroshi" and his friends. The group has set foot in an abandoned mansion out of curiosity. As the horrific blue creature that dwells within that mansion starts to prey on him and his friends, Hiroshi needs to escape the Ao Oni that's persistently hunting him while exploring the mansion and solving puzzles in order to escape.

New Mode

While it is indeed exciting to know that the game is going to be available on Steam, there's more good news. That's because for this version, players can enjoy the new game mode which is "Ao Oni -Ai’s Story-" and features the new character named "Ai."

In this new mode, after being invited by her friend Mika, Ai makes the decision to head on over to the mansion that’s said to be a haunted house. However, when she arrives there, it appears that Mika is nowhere to be seen. In addition, she appears to be trapped all alone in the mansion where the Ao Oni also dwells.

Ai now has to explore that rather unsettling labyrinthine rooms which change every time she enters them and find the “key to her escape” in order to return alive.

High Speed

Players can also look forward to checking out the new "High Speed Mode." This feature allows players to increase the speed of their gameplay from 2X and all the way to 15X the normal speed of the game. It looks like for this version, the dev team wanted to make sure that everyone can enjoy it, from those new to the game to players who have already managed to clear it. With the game being localized in 10 languages, this means players outside Japan can also enjoy it.

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