The Road to Power Opens Up in Crusader Kings III this September

jasonnieva June 03, 2024

Crusader Kings III is a game where you get to guide your very own bloodline across the ages. That's about to change when the major expansion arrives to the game. In Road to Power, you get to learn new ways in how to unlock power and prestige. Now if you're excited for this one, you'll have to wait a while since this one comes out September 24.

A New Way to Rule

One of the changes to be introduced with this upcoming expansion is on the Administrative Government. A new style of empire management allows you to experience medieval rule that's outside of the feudal system. In particular, there's going to be a bunch of Governors fighting for a position in the empire and not afraid to use intrigue and power. It takes a skilled Emperor to make sure that the different forces are kept in line.

Running the Estate

The expansion also lets you try and manage a powerful Family Estate. It's a way for your House to have a seat of power even when you don't hold any land. By constructing new buildings and adding improvements, you can increase both your power and influence further within an administrative empire.

Build that Influence

There's also an Influence System where you get to build up the influence of your character within an administrative empire. With this you get the chance to climb through the ranks of the bureaucracy. Be sure to raise your status within the realm and with it obtain more power. You get to begin as a landless noble on an estate and then compete for valuable provinces to govern before making your bid for the Purple.

Be an Adventure

If you're one that doesn't want to be tied down, then you can go on a life of adventure. Get to roam the map freely and go wherever the winds of fortune blow you. Fulfill different contracts as a landless adventurer and build up a reputation of your own. Travel around the world while earning gold, prestige, and fame. If you think that's it for you, settle down and claim land that you've earned through merit.

These are just some of the features waiting for you with the upcoming expansion and you can learn more about it here. You can get Crusader Kings III for the PC via Steam.