The Third Closed Beta Test for Once Human is Ongoing

jasonnieva April 09, 2024

Starry Studio announced that the latest Closed Beta Test for Once Human is now ongoing. This is actually the third CBT for the game which started April 4 and is expected to run for about 42 days. What makes this one different compared to the previous ones is that it's not limited for the PC and includes the mobile version.

Now the previous CBT had more than 100,000 users. In this one, it appears the studio is upping up the ante with at least 150,000 players being invited. If you're interested in trying out the game, there's still time to sign up for the CBT here.

Introducing Deviations

In the game, the apocalypse has changed everything in the world. Humans, animals, and even plants have all been infested by an alien creature known as Stardust. Players take on the role of a Meta-Human, an individual who has survives the contamination and can use the power of Stardust.

In the new CBT, players no longer need to fight against the eldritch horrors alone. That's because this latest test introduces what's known as Deviations to the game. These are SCP-style monsters who seem to have made the decision to ally with the players and do battle against supernatural beasts which roam the land. Deviations can do a lot especially during combat. They can provide supporting fire or even raise defensive shields to prevent players against enemies. They can even heal allies.

That's not all since outside battles, these same Deviations can construct and maintain the homes for the players. They can even cut down trees or generate power. They can also guard territories against enemies. Overall, Deviations are loyal servants that players can trust in their fight against evil.

Get Access

Those who were able to participate in the previous CBTs automatically get access to the ongoing test through their existing login accounts. New players meanwhile need to download the launcher is they want to join the test.

As mentioned, this new test includes the mobile version of the game. This is a small test scale that's part of the early integration phase of the mobile version. It should be noted that access to the mobile version is exclusive and separate from PC access. Players can continue playing the same character from PC on the mobile version.

Once Human is scheduled to come out in the third quarter of this year. Wishist it on Steam now.