Tier 4 Arrives to Lost Ark this September

jasonnieva June 17, 2024

September is going to be a big month for Lost Ark. That's because it sets the next evolution and stage of the endgame which comes in the form of Tier 4. Today we’re going to look at what this all means.

Let’s start with the fact that new Tier 4 gear is set to be added for both Relic & Ancient levels. Maximum quality is set to 120 with Sidereal set to 9-10. Infuse Elgic 2 is also going to be added. Players should be happy to know that existing gear can all be used. Since the Advanced Honing/Elixir/Transcendence settings that have been set are going to be preserved, players won't need to worry about their current progression.


September also has players experience the new Engravings system where five Engravings can be selected. Class Engravings in particular can be changed in the Ark Passive System. Meanwhile, Engravings which are obtained from Ability Stones can be upgraded through their faceting level. Existing engravings though can only be upgraded by existing Engraving Recipes. By the way, Relic Engravings are going to be added.

Changes to Gems

The introduction of Tier 4 also sees changes for Games. For example, when transferred from T3 Gems, T4 Gems are going to downlevel two levels from their old level. What this means is that a T3 level 10 Gem would transfer into a T4 level 8 Gem.

Crimson Flame meanwhile is transferred to Crimson Flame with Annihilation being transferred to Annihilation. T4 Gems though, either Crimson Flame or Annihilation, all have a base attack damage increase effect as well as effects exclusive for Support classes.

Ability Stones

T4 Ability Stones are going to be added with some of the value of T3 Ability Stones being maintained. T3 Ability Stones can be transferred to T4 Ability Stones.

Before the September update arrives, there's some exciting changes releasing this July and you can learn more about it here. There's also a special art contest and you can read more about it here.

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Lost Ark is available for PC via Steam.