Tree of Savior Introduces Godeye Class in Newest Update

jasonnieva March 05, 2024

A new update is now live in Tree of Savior which introduces the new "Godeye" class. It's added as part of the Archer tree and comes with visually diverse skill effects along with a unique gameplay experience.

What does the Godeye bring to the game? For starters, its "rapid Fire" attribute results in lowering the cooldowns of the skills which allows for the Godeye to release a barrage of different skills with alacrity. Meanwhile, "Charge Arrow" is a class exclusive buff which can stack up and result in massive damage to enemies. Godeye also has the option to use all available stacks of "Charge Arrow" and fire an arrow which has been infused with divine power.

Aside from the new class, this recent update also launches a new event and brings with it the usual game fixes. Read more about the update here.

No More Access

Developer IMCGAMES revealed that once the season ends on March 17, players are no longer going to be able to join Goddess Raid: Turbulent Core (Reservoir of Corruption) Party (Extreme) and Goddess Raid: Sinking Seizure Party (Extreme). In addition, Pilgrim Mode rewards won't be available after March 19, so players need to make sure to claim the rewards before then.

Fast Paced & Intense Action

Tree of Savior is a MMORPG available for the PC. The game offers fast paced and intense action with attractive characters that's been beautifully rendered in fairy tale-like arts tyle added. This game has players go on a journey to search for the goddesses and bring the world out of chaos.

Aside from the unique art style, the game offers players freedom of choice which means they get to develop their own playstyle. Meanwhile, those who want to test their skills can head on over to Team Battle League, which is the game's PVP Content. There's also Guild Wars where everyone can enjoy GvG Content.

The game has various character classes and with eight ranks, results in enough combinations that's sure to keep players finding the right build for them. That's not all since there are also hidden or advanced classes which can only be obtained through special requirements.

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