Valorant Clove Guide (2024); Master The Art of Cheating Death

calimonk May 20, 2024

Clove entered the Valorant scene with a bang, earning a spot as one of the top Controller Agents in the game alongside the edgy Omen who live in the shadows. So much so that Valorant Clove has a spot on most lineups without many complaints hounding your poor Agent selection, or else you can choose to buy Valorant Points at a discount to supply that.

In terms of gameplay and overall playstyle, Valorant Clove is pretty straightforward but they do function a little differently than typical Controller characters so understanding the nuances and intricacies of their kit is a massive undertaking to properly fulfill their role.

So today, we’re showcasing our Clove guide in Valorant to get you up to speed with their kit, how and when to use Valorant Clove abilities, their best loadout, and more! But if you’re one of the unlucky ones and haven’t recruited Clove Valorant to your roster just yet, there is an easy solution to unlock them instantly!

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That said, let's get straight into the guide!

Valorant Clove’s Best Loadout

Best Sidearm - Ghost & Shorty

For the most part, sidearms are all up to personal preference but based on the current meta’s win & pick rates, there are two dominant sidearms that Valorant Clove excels with. And they are none other than the silenced ‘Ghost’ pistol and the in-your-face ‘Shorty’ shotgun.

In most cases, ‘Ghost’ is going to be your best bet, especially for players who can consistently land headshots. But even if you miss, the Ghost’s large capacity mag is perfect to spray down and hope for a shot to land.

Alternatively, Shorty is also a solid pick for Valorant Clove for players who prefer run-and-gun style combat. We’d normally not recommend Shorty over the other more powerful and consistent sidearms available but it works for Valorant Clove since she excels with an aggressive playstyle.

Best Primary Weapons

There are a couple of great weapons that Clove Valorant excels with so pick one that suits your style of play best -

  • Vandal - Overall best all-round weapon for Clove Valorant. Suitable for close, mid, or long-range since there is no damage drop-off. Well-suited for players who can consistently make headshots. Since Valorant Clove can be played aggressively, they benefit from a potential long-range shooter or get up close when making plays down the lane.

  • Phantom - Alternatively, Phantom is a close second in the Rifle category and is almost on par with the Vandal. If you prefer the Phantom and want to spray and pray with a full auto clip, then the Phantom is a better pick than the Vandal.

  • Operator - Operator is the best-in-class sniper for Valorant Clove but is potentially risky since it costs 4700 credits. It doesn’t lend itself extremely well to Valorant Clove’s preferred aggressive playstyle, but you’ll pull off some killer plays if you know what you’re doing.

  • Outlaw - If you’re still jonesing for a sniper for your Valorant Clove build, then the Outlaw, Valorant’s newest weapon in the arsenal is a great middle ground if you can’t afford the Operator. It’s a dual-barrel sniper that excels at mid-range, but it’ll take a while to reload so use it at your own risk.

Valorant Clove Playstyle Guide

Be Aggressive, But Not Careless

Valorant Clove indeed lends themself very well to an aggressive playstyle. Every ability in their kit is catered to keeping them alive and in the fight. But even after death, Valorant Clove still has utility since they can use their ‘Ruse’ Signature ability to lay down their smokes.

However, there is a stark difference between being ‘aggressive’ and being careless. Just because Clove Valorant can rush in to help hold down chokepoints doesn’t mean you should always be rushing into a fight.

Letting the enemy team score a free kill every round is an easy way to lose a match. Play smart, and use their abilities wisely, but don’t be too intimidated and stay in the backline at all times.

Stay With Your Team

With Valorant Clove’s kit, it pays to be aggressive since they can still pull off their role of smoking chokepoints for the team. But this will only work optimally if you ensure Valorant Clove is within range of their team to be effective.

Her Signature ability ‘Ruse’ can be used after death but only within a set radius around where Clove was eliminated finally. If you’re with your team, you can strategically smoke points as required, but if you’re straying away from the pack solo, Valorant Clove has far less utility as a Controller.

Stick to your team and engage in fights together, so that when Valorant Clove finally bites the bullet, you’ve still got something to do.

Don’t Sleep on Valorant Clove’s Basic Abilities

Besides smoking after death and a self-res, Valorant Clove also has solid Basic Abilities with their Meddle decay grenade and Pick-Me-Up self-heal. Valorant Clove’s Pick-Me-Up ability is similar to Reyna’s ‘Devour’ ability which heals by picking up orbs from eliminated enemies.

But for Clove Valorant, their Pick-Me-Up ability only requires you to damage an enemy to be able to use it. Plus, Pick-Me-Up also doesn’t require you to have a direct line of sight at the eliminated enemy, so even if they’re around a corner but you managed to land a shot, you can still heal if you activate the ability.

Valorant Clove’s Meddle grenade is also great for engagements where the enemy team is holding a choke point. Getting hit with the grenade causes ‘decay’ which gradually drains the affected player’s health making it easier for Clove Valorant and their team to pick off the enemy and for Clove to activate Pick-Me-Up and rack up more kills.

All in all, Valorant Clove’s kit is incredibly synergistic with an aggressive style of play that lets you pick off enemies, heal up, engage again, and when you finally bite the dust, smoke important points for your team. A solid Controller pick that you should pick up and start mastering immediately!

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