Whispers in the Moss: A Retro-Style JRPG Revolution

calimonk June 05, 2024

Whispers in the Moss, a new retro-style JRPG boasting a unique textmode graphic style, is now available on Steam, GOG, and Itch.io. Inspired by the classic 8-bit and 16-bit JRPGs, the game offers a full-scale indie JRPG experience with an ultra-retro visual approach, which is an unprecedented move in the JRPG genre. Remarkably, the entire game is coded in QBASIC, adding to its nostalgic appeal.

Whispers in the Moss takes players on an epic journey with three heroes originating from a serene fishing village. The trio is thrust into a world dominated by a power-hungry empire and a banished prince striving to restore balance. As they explore the world, they uncover a sinister secret—fiends from the underworld are beginning to stir. Players can expect emotional plot twists, lighthearted humor, vibrant characters, and strategic turn-based battles reminiscent of early Final Fantasy games.

What truly sets Whispers in the Moss apart is its highly unique visual style. The game showcases ambitious textmode (ANSI/ASCII-style) graphics, offering an unparalleled retro atmosphere. This innovative use of text-based graphics in an oblique/isometric perspective instead of the classic top-down perspective is a first in the gaming industry. The game is coded entirely in QB64, a modern take on the legendary QuickBASIC programming language, adding to the authentic retro experience. The game also features an original soundtrack with 55 unique tracks composed by the game's solo developer, Tapio of Uncultured Games.