You Can Now Pre-Order & Wishlist Neon Blood on All Digital Platforms

jasonnieva July 08, 2024

Meridiem announces that players can now pre-order and wishlist Neon Blood on all digital platforms. This upcoming neo-noir action-adventure is coming out for various consoles like the PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. It's also being released for the PC via Steam.

In addition to the digital edition, a boxed edition of the game is releasing later this year. The boxed Limited Edition for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch comes with a metallic-textured cover, an art book, a city guide, and a downloadable soundtrack.

Fighting Corruption

The game is set in the year 2053. It's a time when the world came to an end resulting from a war lost in time. There's now inequality in the form of Viridis, which is a great city that encompasses the dangerous Blind City and the luxurious Bright City. The story focuses om Axel McCoin. Once a police detective, he later becomes the key piece that unmasks a whole plot of corruption and power which has plagued the unstable peace of Viridis.

Axel has actually been identified by the Viridis police force to be extremely dangerous with a warrant sent out for his arrest on sight. However, it is said that he is being assisted by a group of terrorists composed of Varya Gagarin (Junkyard), Silver Rayner (Boxer), and Basilio Tastiera (hacker).

The Living City

Viridis is a living city that tells its own story along with keeping its own secrets. The inhabitants of the form the key pieces for detective Axel McCoin to discover how it works, which the root of its inequality and how the inhabitants go about their daily lives. The richly detailed environments combined with hundreds of secrets to learn allow players to explore the world freely and act as they wish.

Surviving the World

The city may be dangerous, but the good news is that players won’t be alone. That’s because as he goes on his adventure, Alex gets to gain allies that help them attack powerful enemies and can even use skills.

Key Features

Here are some key features of the game:

  • Elaborate and deep story with a cyberpunk theme combined with a turn-based combat style like old RPG's with strong strategy factor.
  • Two different realities of the two cities with complete 2.5D aesthetic, merging cyberpunk and sci-fi.
  • A big macropolis full of secrets to be solved with a complete dialogue-based detective system.

Are you ready to start a revolution that changes the world?