ALZARA Radiant Echoes - Game Poster

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Release Date TBD
Developer Studio Camelia
Publisher Studio Camelia
Setting Fantasy
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Restore peace to a world torn apart in this 3D turn-based RPG inspired by Japanese classics. Combine the elements to unleash spectacular attacks, solve magical puzzles, and bring the world together.

RPG Gamers summary

ALZARA: Radiant Echoes is a newly released game that highlights a vibrant tribute to the golden age of Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGs). In this game, players are given control of four heroes as they set off on a majestic journey inspired by features strongly associated with traditional JRPG adventures. This captivating quest unfolds in the visually stunning world of ALZARA.

The gameplay mechanics significantly includes an elemental magic system, in which, players can harness the powers of lead character Kayla and her allies. These magical abilities are not only used in the combat against forces of Vedores, but also in puzzle-solving and encountering various obstacles throughout the journey.

The combat in ALZARA: Radiant Echoes is turn-based, combining consequences of both intensity and strategy. The unique game mechanism allows players to trade heroes, combine elemental magic, as well as summon spectacular attacks. Players can also carry out offerings to gain favors and summon Legends to help overpower their enemies.

The backbone of ALZARA: Radiant Echoes lies in its mature and relatable storyline. Players are tasked with the mission to restore peace in the lively world of ALZARA, where mysterious elemental entities, known as ‘Zals’, respond to human prayers. This manifests as a Resistance against a merciless invasion planned by the neighboring nation of Vedores.

Notably, the game developers have partnered with esteemed Japanese artists to deliver this immersive gaming experience. Renowned composer Motoi Sakuraba, celebrated for his contributions to iconic games like Golden Sun and Dark Souls, has lent his musical expertise in this project. Additionally, character designs are realized by Yoshiro Ambe, a highly revered artist known for his exceptional work on games like Trials of Mana and Fire Emblem Heroes.

ALZARA: Radiant Echoes thus promises a rich RPG experience that combines its intense gameplay with a mature storyline and sensational artistic elements.

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