Below the Stone - Game Poster

RPG Gamers Review

Release Date 17 November, 2023
Developer Strollart
Publisher Apogee Entertainment
Setting Fantasy
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Below the Stone is a pixel-art roguelike about dwarves on the quest for the deepest depths. A place where each and every descent will lead to new adventures—and where only the most determined dwarves with many lost lives will be rewarded by the hidden world lying below the stone.

RPG Gamers summary

Below the Stone, developed by Strollart, is a challenging roguelike game in pixel art style, themed around dwarf adventures deep underground. It is a unique combination of danger, strategy, discovery, and management, where every expedition poses new challenges and adventures for the player.

The game’s main draw is its impressive underground world filled with 25 highly diverse biomes, each having its unique resources, mysteries, and threats. From mining gems to uncovering ancient treasures, the game urges players to delve deeper into the unknown. A deeply tactical element is introduced whereby players can mine gems to create magical buffs, socketing them to weapons and armor to enhance their abilities.

Those who dare to venture deeper into this forgotten realm will be met with increasingly cunning creatures and dangerous environments. The game rewards those who are prepared to take risks and face the perils that lie beneath. One significant element in the game is the permanent loss of items upon death. The players must wear caution as everything they carry can be lost forever if they die.

Venturing down through procedurally generated cave complexes result in novel experiences in every descent. With five planned layers, multiple dungeons, and more than 50+ biomes, the game promises long-lasting playability.

Below the Stone also features a player hub called the Dwarven Kingdom. Here you can craft, store items, pick up new missions, and interact with an ever-growing cast of allies that aid you in your journey, adding another layer of depth and strategy. Customization of characters is primarily through your equipment, giving your actions a significant influence on gameplay outcomes. Some characters you meet underground may need rescuing, and once saved, they will assist to enhance your future experiences offering new playstyles.

Releasing on all consoles, including Nintendo Switch and PC, Below the Stone also captures the auditory senses with an hour-long soundtrack meant to immerse players even more into its enchanting world.

While the game follows in the roguelike tradition of making each death costly, it also promises a tough but fair gaming environment. A careful approach to risk-taking, precise decision-making and strategic planning will bring about the sweet fruits of Dwarven progress.

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