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Release Date07 June, 2024

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An unforgiving hardcore fantasy FPS dungeon PvPvE adventure. Band together with your friends and use your courage, wits, and cunning to uncover mythical treasures, defeat gruesome monsters, while staying one step ahead of the other devious treasure-hunters.

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Dark and Darker, a first-person fantasy dungeon adventure, is garnering attention with its newly-released free-to-play version. This game merges a hardcore, unforgiving environment with compelling classically-inspired fantasy lore and immersive gameplay mechanics.

The game follows the lore of an ancient citadel that holds unimaginable fortunes for both the brave and the reckless. Players face a dual challenge - they must not only confront hideous monsters and finds hidden relics but also find escape routes before a mysterious ever-growing darkness engulfs them.

The free version allows players to create one character and explore the game’s Normal mode across all maps. They can engage in quests and amass a collection of loot. For truly passionate players who wish to discover more of the Dark and Darker universe, an upgrade to the full game is available for 15 Redstone shards (equivalent to $10.00).

The full game unlocks the High-Roller mode where players face higher stakes and deadlier dungeons. They can also trade with other players on the marketplace, create multiple characters, and gain access to the Shared Stash.

Dark and Darker feels irresistibly reminiscent of original fantasy adventure games. It offers a variety of roles to choose from and encourages players to form a squad with friends. Each character brings unique abilities to the table, adding a strategic element to the gameplay.

The game doesn’t stop at traditional role-playing game elements, instead, it introduces an uncompromising hardcore environment where even minor errors can lead to the player’s demise. It also offers a unique first-person combat experience, forcing players to accurately aim and track their enemies and offering an array of weapons to master.

Magic, an unwieldy, yet crucial tool, exists in the game, requiring players to master long incantations, possess the right equipment, and have tactical prowess. On the other hand, players can also utilize knowledge of special equipment and foresighted planning to gain the upper hand if magic isn’t their preferred skill.

Dark and Darker uses shadows and light effectively, allowing players to use darkness to hide from enemies or setup ambushes. The end-game goal remains the same, to find the hidden portals and escape before the darkness devours your character’s soul.

With its unique blend of immersive first-person roleplaying game mechanics, balanced with the thrill of classic dungeon crawling elements, Dark and Darker has a lot to offer. Whether you’re keen to try the free version or go all-in with the full game, it promises to be an exciting journey through an ancient, lore-rich citadel.

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