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Release Date TBD
Developer 96Percent
Publisher CFK Co., Ltd.
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Navigate maps filled with enemies, destroying all who get in your way! Use a variety of character, artifact, and skill synergies to defeat the dungeon!

RPG Gamers summary

In the realm of side-scrolling roguelike games, Dungeon Slasher assertively carves its own niche. A mix of retro pixel art, tactical character nuances, and a wide variety of game modes positions it as a fascinating addition to the genre that both challenges and engages gamers of varying preferences.

The remarkable aspect of Dungeon Slasher lies in its versatile gameplay combinations. Players have the flexibility to combine characters, skills, and artifacts in unique ways, each altering the strategy required to dominate the immersive dungeon environment. Such diversity allows for a multitude of unique playthroughs, thus adding extensive replay value to the game.

The developers at 96Percent have also incorporated several gameplay modes. Traditionalists can stick to ‘Normal Mode’, advancing through the dungeon tier by tier while ‘Super Fast Mode’ caters to those preferring brisk progression and a focus on boss battles. For those seeking elevated difficulty, the ‘Challenge Mode’ offers a tough and demanding experience.

The 2D pixel graphics lend a retro charm to Dungeon Slasher without compromising on sophistication and dynamism. The myriad of characters and menacing bosses are rendered in an attractive pixel aesthetic. The game also allows customization via various character skins, accentuating the uniqueness of each character’s personality.

Reflecting the game’s diverse strategy options, the character and weapon choice significantly impacts the gameplay and character movement. Experimenting with different blends of selections could lead to newfound gameplay tricks and tactics that enhance the overall experience.

96Percent stipulates that gameplay can be freely uploaded or streamed, provided that copyright information and store URLs are included. However, creators are rightfully asked to refrain from revealing game ending spoilers to maintain suspense for new players.

In summary, Dungeon Slasher is an engaging blend of retro art and strategic gameplay, providing a refreshing challenge to roguelike fans. Published by CFK, this game, with its tremendous variety, stands set to slash its way into many gaming enthusiast’s collections.

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