Dustgrave: A Sandbox RPG - Game Poster

RPG Gamers Review

Release Date TBD
Developer Innervoid Interactive
Publisher Digital Tribe Games
Setting FantasyMedieval
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Embark on an epic journey, enjoying complete freedom in a dynamic sandbox RPG. The world and its inhabitants will witness your deeds and react accordingly, adapting the narrative to your choices and delivering a truly unique and free experience.

RPG Gamers summary

Dustgrave: A Sandbox RPG, is a highly-anticipated video game that takes players into the remnants of the powerful Dahlan Empire, which has been decimated by a plague and internal strife. As civilizations scramble to claim territory, players play as adventurers or mercenaries, thrust into a volatile, opportunistic landscape rife with both danger and potential victory.

The game boasts a deep character creator which allows players to design their digital personas in-detail, their every choice having influence on their journey in the game. The game’s advanced ‘Record & Relationship’ system tracks all significant events and attributes them to the player’s actions, having influence over NPC opinions based on alignment and morality.

This game design ensures that no two narratives are alike; each player’s choices trumpet their unique path and carve out a bespoke adventure in the world of Dustgrave.

The world in Dustgrave is anything but static. There are ever-changing dynamics among the in-game factions that battle for territorial control. These interactions breathe life into the game world, where some factions become dominant powers, while others could dissolve into oblivion.

Every Non-Playable Character (NPC) in the game possesses a unique personality and motivations. Each character follows a designed daily routine offering players a chance to exploit NPC routines for quests and rewards, or manipulate the routines for heists and thefts.

A vast choice of career paths awaits players looking to define their identity within Dustgrave. From acting as a saviour of the church pursuing heretics, indulging criminal activities, or serving as a valiant knight, to digging deep into the lore as an archaeologist - the game offers unparalleled choices.

The game’s combat system prides itself on being an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master experience. Offering a mix of skills and item combinations, it highly encourages innovative tactics and varied battling styles. The stealth system, furthermore, opens up a varied range of activities to undertake covertly.

To conclude, Dustgrave: A Sandbox RPG, promises uncharted freedom for players, adaptive narratives, dynamic in-game community interactions, along with a thoughtfully crafted environment to explore, making it an anticipated release in the gaming community. Whether this game lives up to the expectation of it’s fans, is yet to be seen with its imminent release.

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