Echoes in the Deep - A Fateforge Tale - Game Poster

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Release Date TBD
Developer LEAP Game Studios
Publisher Adeliane
Setting Fantasy
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

It’s time for one last heist. How you achieve it is down to you. Explore the Free City, prepare and equip your crew, keep them loyal and navigate the difficult choices you’ll need to take to succeed.

RPG Gamers summary

Echoes in the Deep - A Fateforge Tale is a narrative-driven adventure game drenched with hand-drawn visuals and set within the expansive Fateforge Universe and its vibrant hub, known as Free City. Players fill the boots of one Peridot Haps, a seasoned rogue protagonist crafting a single, defining heist that promises to challenge the skills honed over her life. The knots of intrigue surrounding Peridot’s motives and the loyalty dynamics of her crew stand at the crux of the story, offering a narrative rich with consequential decisions and various outcomes.

Built on a custom tweaked 5E (5th Edition) RPG ruleset, the video game delivers a deep but independently staked story within the larger role-playing landscape of Fateforge. By visiting a total of 8 distinct locations, venturing into both the overworld of Free City and the underbelly of Netherworld, players will unravel new characters, storylines, and locations.

One unique element within Echoes in the Deep is its system of loyalty. Not just a decorative appendage to character relationships, loyalty brews tangible consequences reflected in the dice rolls central to actions within the game. Decisions made will stir varying reactions from the crew, which, in turn, influences the potential success and direction of these dice rolls, delineating the criss-crossing plotlines of the narrative.

It’s also important to note that Echoes in the Deep brews its adventure in the award-winning setting of Fateforge. Known specifically for its flexible campaign setting, Eana, and additional rules for nuanced character creation and role-play, the Fateforge universe has been decorated with two ENNIES awards: Best Writing in 2022 for the initial tetralogy (Adventurers, Grimoire, Creature, and Encyclopedia) and for the category of Best Monster/Adversary for Fateforge’s fifth installment, Creatures 2: Netherworld, in 2023.

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