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Release Date19 June, 2024
DeveloperStar Drifters
PublisherStar Drifters

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If there’s one thing dwarves are better at than grooming their beards, it’s engineering. Jump into your mech, build a base and explore the crumbled fantasy world in this immersive action RPG.

RPG Gamers summary

“First Dwarf” is an engrossing action RPG (Role-Playing Game) with elements of base-building, recently announced by the developers of popular titles such as “Driftland: The Magic Revival” and “Nomads of Driftland”. This game promises to challenge your survival instincts and exploration prowess in a unique, fantasy-inspired open world composed of floating islands.

The game’s narrative centers around the planet Driftland, now shattered and disassembled from a destructive mage war among the four prominent races inhabiting it. In the aftermath, barbaric tribes have formed to control the isolated floating islands, the dwarven race among them. As their resources dwindle, the dwarves’ once-mighty civilization edges towards extinction. To counter this, dwarven engineers dispatch airships in search of materials from the celestial islands to recover their grandeur.

Players will step into the shoes of Tru, a dwarven scouting engineer piloting a mana-powered mech suit. Tru’s mission is not just to gather resources, but also to navigate new lands within the clouds that could serve as suitable spots for fresh settlements. The gameplay dimensions expand as Tru becomes involved in hand-to-hand combat, base construction, and defenses set-up against potential hazards—the barbaric tribes, wild creatures, or nature’s wrath.

Complicating matters, Tru is haunted by the secrets of his father’s past, adding an intriguing layer of mystery to the game. Tru’s journey not only shapes his personal destiny but also the future of his fellow dwarves on Driftland.

With this game, players can expect a highly interactive RPG experience involving exploring the open world using mana-powered mechanical armor, constructing and defending the player’s base, engaging in intense combat, and uncovering a deep, layered narrative. A unique feature is the ability to play as Ragna The Dragon, who aids your dwarven protagonist in navigating the Driftland world.

In all, “First Dwarf” presents its players with a rich, story-driven world packaged within an action RPG setting that promises hours of immersive gameplay and intriguing fortress-building.

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