Goblin Stone - Game Poster

RPG Gamers Review

Release Date 12 March, 2024
Developer Orc Chop Games
Publisher Orc Chop Games
Setting Fantasy
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Adventurers have pushed goblins to the verge of extinction in their thirst for experience points and loot. Now it’s time to fight back! Lead the goblins through an epic adventure of retribution in this award-winning turn-based RPG with a roguelike twist.

RPG Gamers summary

In a captivating turn of events, Goblin Stone thrusts players into an immersive tale where goblins, once plentiful, are now teetering on the brink of extinction thanks to the relentless pursuit of thrill-seeking adventurers. In this epic role-playing game, developed with a heartfelt combination of turn-based RPG mechanics and roguelike elements, players are tasked with guiding a disparate group of goblins on an enthralling journey of survival.

Featuring an innovative turned-based battle system, players must strategically maneuver their motley crew into combat against an array of formidable enemies, such as humans, elves, and dwarves. The game comprises a robust roster of nine unique goblin classes, allowing you to tailor your squad’s weapons and skills to your specific strategy.

The visual storytelling in Goblin Stone is brought to life through the skilled hands of the artistic team; the hand-drawn landscape of the game is a feast for the eyes. Further enhancing the immersion into this world is the voice-over narration by James Simile, supported by a riveting soundtrack from acclaimed Hearthstone composer Peter McConnell.

One notable feature of Goblin Stone is the lair system. This allows players to develop their goblin hideouts, adding rooms such as Barracks and War Rooms, while growing their army ranks. With a touch of Darwinian strategy, you can even selectively breed your goblins, utilizing the best genes and traits while strengthening your lair’s future.

The world of Goblin Stone is procedurally generated, fostering an expansive sense of exploration. Players must make tricky decisions, such as which goblins to recruit and which fate-defining paths to tread. With over 60 enemy types and 25 boss battles, the game promises diversity in its challenges.

The creators of Goblin Stone invite players to follow the game’s development and receive news, updates, and perks by joining the active community on the Goblin Stone Discord. The hashtag #savethegoblins expresses the game’s overall call to arms. Goblin Stone is indeed a unique, intriguing spin on the traditional RPG format, offering players a fresh take on the genre. As the Wishlist awaits eager players, the world of the goblins prepares for the upcoming onslaught of adventurers.

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