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Release Date 28 March, 2024
Developer Thunderoak Interactive
Publisher Thunderoak Interactive
Setting Medieval
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Godsworn is a classic mythological RTS. Experience an epic fantasy retelling of the northern crusades, where pagan gods and their tribes clash against crusaders and armies of heaven. Choose a divine hero, rally worshippers alongside mythical creatures, and smite the unworthy!

RPG Gamers summary

Headline: “Godsworn: A Strategy Game of Holy Wars and Heavenly Powers”

Subheading: “A Pagan Land, a Heavenly Threat, and a Divine Battle Awaits”

The upcoming game Godsworn threatens tradition by retelling the harrowing history of the Northern Crusades from a fantasy perspective. This contentious time period is the backdrop for this epic real-time strategy game, in which players navigate a tense political landscape while assuming the mantle of a divine hero to keep the realm from the brink of war.

The lands, kept under the vigilant protection of pagan gods, are under threat from a knightly order hailed from the heavens. As the situation escalates, it falls upon players to defend their realm and preserve the delicate alliance that keeps it safe. Whether the realm will be engulfed in the flames of war or safeguarded by the combined blood of divine and mortal, remains to be seen.

Gameplay revolves around controlling divine heroes – each with their unique set of abilities – large armies consisting of mortal men and mythical creatures and strategic warfare. The game allows players to play as the sun goddess Saule, utilizing the power of the sun to protect followers or as the moon god Meness, using darkness to strike enemies effectively. There is also the option to don the role of archangel Michael, striking down pagans with heavenly might.

Building and worship are foundational pillars for Godsworn. Your devout followers become instrumental to your survival and victory, as they gather resources, establish cities, and raise armies. Ensuring their safety during prayer grants you faith, a crucial resource that allows the summoning of mythical creatures and activation of god-powered capabilities.

The game also features an optional co-op campaign, inviting you and a friend to arm yourselves against the crusades’ impending threat. As the struggle between pagan tribes and heavenly armies intensifies, unity becomes paramount.

Godsworn is showing promise as an ambitious strategy game defined by its attention to historical detail, strategic depth, enticing co-op campaign, unique heroes, and a captivating narrative setting it apart in the crowded market.

This engaging blend of myth, history, and strategic gameplay is sure to intrigue fans eagerly awaiting its release. However, like all untested waters, only time will reveal how Godsworn truly fares in the world of real-time strategy games.

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