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Release Date 17 April, 2024
Developer Egg or Chicken Games
Publisher Alawar Premium
Setting MedievalFantasy
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Welcome to Kingsgrave, a gloomy metroidvania adventure inspired by classic Zelda games. Gain more power and obtain new combat skills as you explore the fractured land, slay foes created by plague, solve puzzles and rebuild villages. Reclaim your realm!

RPG Gamers summary

In Kingsgrave, players are summoned from a profound slumber as a once-great king, tasked with tackling a destructive disease that has swept through the kingdom. This devastating event resulted in a wave of death, leaving lands barren, homes abandoned, and terrifying monsters born of diseased souls in its wake. This grim scenario forms the backdrop of an epic adventure, where the protagonist must awaken their regal might to restore the lands and vanish the dark threats lurking in the shadows.

The game offers an intense blend of resource management, encouraging players to replenish their domains to grow stronger. They gather essential resources, erect houses and slay adversaries to coax their subjects back into their realm. The game’s emphasis is on the significance of a ruler’s powers, contingent on the vitality of their kingdom. The more players restore, the more formidable they become.

Kingsgrave doesn’t hold back when it comes to combat. Players must face the darkness by challenging gruesome monsters born from the disease’s fragments. These fights are not just about survival but also about liberating the realm from these creatures’ yoke. The pathway to victory requires players not just to refine their combat skills but also to amass enhanced equipment to vanquish powerful foes.

Exploration is another crucial aspect of Kingsgrave where players venture into gorgeous, handcrafted landscapes stretching from verdant woods to scorching volcanoes. Each biome comes with sophisticated puzzles to unlock, hidden routes to discover, and grueling terrain to navigate. It’s a world shattered by ruin, ripe for exploration and brimming with wonder - a journey that’s befitting for a true king.

For those interested, Kingsgrave can be found online at the following link: [Kingsgrave on Steam]( .

In conclusion, Kingsgrave offers an engaging narrative set amidst a ruined kingdom and a satisfying blend of resource management, combat, and exploration aspects. Its success will ultimately depend on whether these aspects come together to deliver a compelling experience.

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